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Highly Concentrated Amino Acid 
Nature's pHix
Carbon-rich Soil Conditioner 
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Other Offerings
Granulars, Beneficial Bacteria, etc. 
About us

ViTech Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Ray DeMeo. Prior to launching ViTech, Ray DeMeo worked at Hoffmann La Roche identifying and understanding the use of vitamins for plant nutrition, which is how he became known as “The Vitamin Guy” throughout the industry.  Since then, ViTech has branched out to offer other natural plant nutrients including stress metabolites, L-form amino acids, beneficial bacteria, organic acids and more!

Release Bound Nutrients  with Nature's pHix!

Visit the Nature's pHix product page to watch a short video that clearly demonstrates how the organic acids within Nature’s pHix effectively promotes mineral solubility thereby releasing bound nutrients for plant absorption.  By keeping phosphates from binding with positive-charged minerals, the plant has the ability to absorb higher levels of nutrients.  This optimizes the fertilizer utilized by the plant and minimizes it from being leached out of the soil.  Click the movie icon below.

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