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About ViTech Enterprises, Inc.

Our Company

ViTech Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Ray DeMeo. Prior to launching ViTech, Ray DeMeo worked at Hoffmann La Roche identifying and understanding the use of vitamins for plant nutrition, which is how he became known as “The Vitamin Guy” throughout the industry.  Since then, ViTech has branched out to offer other natural plant nutrients including stress metabolites, L-form amino acids, beneficial bacteria,  organic acids and more.

Years of extensive research have determined specific vitamins and amino acids that work best on plant life. Agronomix,® a highly concentrated vitamin pre-mix, was the first blend that was developed as a result of this research. ViTech then created Proactin®, the only amino acid blend, tested by Rutgers University as a stand-alone product with proven results.  

ViTech delivers a wide range of eco-friendly formulations in highly concentrated forms at affordable pricing.  If you have a unique horticultural or agricultural need, contact ViTech for the solution.

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