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Proactin® is a blend of L-form amino acids, vitamins and stress metabolites that was developed in the year 2000.  Research conducted at Rutgers University has proven that Proactin® has a significant effect on plants' ability to withstand stress such as heat, drought and salinity.
Applying Proactin® allows turf grass to grow throughout adverse conditions and reduces many peaks and valleys during the growing cycles or seasons.  In addition to aiding plants during stressful times, the pre-selected amino acids and vitamins contained within Proactin® have a positive impact on microorganisms.




Nature's pHix is a soil conditioner that contains organic acids and nutrients to better penetrate soil profiles.  It can help unlock and chelate bound nutrients that may bond with phosphate and create insoluble minerals.  As a carbon-rich formation with a surfactant, it provides carbon to the soil which may improve microflora and increase water and nutrient penetration into the soil.  Regular use of Nature’s pHix may lead to a more porous and nutrient rich soil which is the foundation for healthy lawns, ornamentals and flowers.  

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Other Offerings

ViTech also offers granular fertilizer, beneficial bacteria and other natural products.  If you have a need for these products or another that is not offered on our website, please contact us at

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